And it is finished!

This week I finally, after three long years, finished my Master’s degree at The Johns Hopkins University. A Master’s of Science in Education with a concentration on Administration and Supervision will be conferred upon me next Thursday. I have tons of reflections on this process not the least of which is I do not want to be an “official” school administrator in the traditional sense. What I do know is that I have passions for change management, tech integration, and character development. Nevertheless, the degree is done and I am pleased.

I did my final seminar project on leadership for technology integration:

Graduate Seminar Presentation

(This is just scratching the surface, I could have gone on forever…..)

I also kept my entire Internship portfolio as a wiki. This turned out to be very worthwhile as my supervisor and I had to conduct our final interview via cross country teleconference. Whew!

So, the learning here is finished but learning never ends….what’s next?

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