Every Good Boy Does Fine

Every child who has ever played recorder or had music in third grade or taken a piano lesson has uttered the phrase, “Every Good Boy Does Fine”. Each January, my third graders learn this phrase (with an added “on the line”) and FACE (face in the space). Then they write their own mnemonic devices to help them remember the names of treble clef notes. (Highlights from this year include: Emotional Girls Buy Donuts Fast and Elegant Grapes Break During Fights)

An element of fun was added this year by using our tech lab to play a variety of awesome online games for treble clef. My heartfelt thanks to the developers out there creating some really cool stuff to make third grade fun.

The links we used today were:






They started to become aware of their understanding and now we can build strategies for them to practice. When the recorders arrive in February, we should be set to go!

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