is this wiki working?

As I work with my 6th grade class to develop a wiki to catalogue our learning this year, I find myself wondering if this is the best device for this kind of “data” collection. I use the term data loosely as I don’t want to equate our work in any way with standardization or number crunching.

My students from the first trimester rotation gave great feedback on this new course.  They mentioned that they were frustrated by the wiki’s functionality, particularly the “stealing of the lock” message when multiple users are editing simultaneously. I’m not sure the way around this anymore then they are, but we will continue to learn together.

I love the idea that we are using a wiki and this is our portal for demonstrating our learning, but I wonder if a forum function would be better or if using google docs or another type of sharing tool would be more useful. I’m really thinking overall that a NING would serve us best. But a wiki we’ve begun so a wiki we’ll complete.

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