Do you TED?

We had a snow-cation last week with three consecutive snow days. I don’t typically like missing that much school but I did enjoy the way I was able to play catch up with my PLN/PD resources. I caught up on 200+ blog posts on my reader and found an array of resources to share. (I’m sure my colleagues just loved having two or three “check this out” emails from me upon return yesterday.)

I also watched a good handful of TED talks both sitting on the couch and while running on the treadmill. I am in love with these talks. It has provided an intellectual stimulation that fits with my fast-moving brain. Snippets of inspiration or innovation that keep my mind swirling with possibilities. The vast array of topics allows me to explore a variety of ideas some of which are in my wheelhouse and some of which are not, but I find help me access new ideas in a positive way.

TED is not new. The talks have been around for several years and are exploding globally through TEDx events. If you have not “TED’d”, I highly recommend it. They are free via their website, YouTube, or my favorite, the iPad app.

To get you started, here is a talk I watched last week that reminded me to stay on the sunny side of life, no matter what the situation.

If you don’t TED, you should; you’ll be glad you did!

Snag Learning Films

Read about this resource via The Whiteboard Blog this morning and had to share with my friendly PLN. As soon as I clicked the link I found connections to four of the units taught in our school and that was just the first page! First glance indicates that most of the videos look to be middle and high school level, but since we are on snow day #2 today, I’m on a mission to find cool stuff!

If you too are under a foot of snow today, check it out: