23 Things

This year our school is embarking on self-paced technology professional development!! This is very exciting for me because I would love for all of my colleagues to share in the amazing things that technology can do to transform instruction, student engagement, and student achievement. (I will not spend this post waxing poetic.)

Our fabulous technology coordinator, has brought the 23 Things program to our building. A lot of the “things” are familiar to me, but a few are not, so I’m excited to find new adventures. I’m also thrilled to be available to my peers for 1:1 mentorship as needed. So much of my instruction does not use technology (at the K-4 level we focus more on traditional creation of music/dance) that to see it burst out in core content classrooms would be fantastic.

To my peers, YOU CAN DO THIS! I BELIEVE IN YOU! I WILL NOT GIVE UP ON YOU! (yes, I’m shouting this at you!)

(consider this week 1 and 2 for me!)

first timers joy.

I gave my very first workshop today on Multiple Intelligence Theory into Practice for my peers. It was a daunting and exciting challenge. I’m tremendously passionate about implementing MI theory into my teaching practice. I tried to draw a lot of good information and provide some new nuggets of information for my peers.

We had some really great discussions about the role that these intelligences play in our teaching. By identifying our own intelligence strengths we can learn how we play to our own strengths rather than that of our students. We also discussed the merits and detriments of inventorying our own students. I gained a lot of energy from listening to my peers and their positive attitude towards our discussion.

Now that I have given this workshop, it is clear that I can streamline some of the activities, strengthen others, and certainly request more time for a practical application of the strategies. I am still reeling with first timers joy and hope to do this again.