My Fake Wall

I have seen several PLN members share about their use of My Fake Wall for their students. I felt inspired to make this tool part of a project for 6th grade in the third trimester. I played around with it today and came up with a fake Facebook wall for Beethoven. It is super easy to use and while it is a bit ad laden, I think it will be a nice change up for the kids doing research projects. The key will be a standard email and password log in rather than individual log-in’s. If they have to create log-in’s it will add a whole extra class period. So just like with the Glog projects from first trimester, I will establish an account for the class. (I learned the hard way for the Glog project; this time we are pre-emptive!!)

Now I just have to sit back and wait until the third trimester rolls around in March!